About AMMD

Aaron MacKenzie-Moore

Born in Vancouver, raised on the Sunshine Coast, Aaron gave up a brief stint of college life and art scholarships to become an arborist. He operated a successful tree service for over 10 years, his connection to the natural surroundings of the Pacific Northwest seemingly pre-determined. Later years found him travelling the world, and his passion for art and design rekindled. 

At the age of 30 he decided to start over, gathered together the sum total of his life experiences thus far, and enrolled in college again, this time with the intention of being a furniture designer.  He instantly fell in love with designing interiors, realizing quickly this was the path meant for him. Studying and designing seemed second nature, and a pleasure, not a chore. With new-found drive, he completed all studies, graduating with honours from BCIT in 2004. 

Aaron then went on to an amazing 12+ year tenure at one of Vancouver’s most accomplished design firms, winning multiple awards locally and abroad. He formed AMMD in 2015. 

Whether pushing envelopes, or being pulled by clients’ visions, the team at AMMD consistently strives to meet and exceed their client’s expectations with unparalleled attention to detail, whilst striking a timeless balance between features and functions.  Knowing that each project is as unique as the client, the AMMD team loves getting to know their clients, how they live, their needs and wants, what they adore and hate about current and past residences. 

The AMMD team is never satisfied copying themselves; instead, they always look to stretch boundaries at every opportunity. The success of their past projects, and their happy clients, is a direct result and testament of their constant pursuit of exploring new products and techniques, (or sometimes old or forgotten, applied in a new fashion), asking the questions that others may not ask, listening to clients, peers, the many skilled experienced trades/suppliers whom they depend upon and collaborate with. 

Aaron notes that, taking the time out of busy schedules to travel, look, listen, and learn is truly imperative to the advancement of AMMD’s craft and passion. His hope is to absorb and share the experiences and knowledge gained with his peers, team, clients, in hopes they too will be inspired and invigorated with newfound knowledge, and in turn share that forward for the betterment of the lives of all they touch.